La Frutera joins forces with Meson Sandwiches and share location in San Sebastián

SAN SEBASTIAN, PUERTO RICO – La Frutera opened a new location in San Sebastián after joining forces with Mesón Sandwiches, and it is located inside an established store of the sandwiches fast food chain. The new store, which opened last August, is the result of a commercial partnership that both companies made to continue bringing the best of their products to the Puerto Rican consumer under one roof.

La Frutera and Mesón Sandwiches come together to offer the public the best products under one roof in San Sebastián.

“This partnership with Mesón Sandwiches is part of our strategy in order to extend our offer of quality products to all Puerto Ricans and, in turn, support local agriculture,” said Samuel Pérez, founder and owner of the fruits and vegetables smoothie chain.

Pérez added that this commercial alliance, as well as the one they have with Walmart Supercenter, not only serves to reach out more consumers, but also it contributes to the economic development of Puerto Rico and to the job creation in the Island. La Frutera already has 18 stores in Puerto Rico. The new store is adding up to 10 direct jobs for a total of 150 jobs.

At the new space inside the Mesón store, which was previously occupied by Baskin Robins, La Frutera is offering its famous smoothies, as well as fresh fruit salads. In addition, it is their first store that has drive-thru service. The location is at road 111 km 17.7, in San Sebastián.

In November, La Frutera will be expanding out of Puerto Rico with the opening of its first store in the United States, located in Tampa, Florida.